20 Industrial Fog Maker

Model: 20
Spray Distance: 15~20m
Motor: 3Kw
Rotation: 180°


Industrial fog maker model 20 looks like a cannon spraying water mist to suppress construction dust for dust control at construction site. The fog making machine is based on the principle of air delivery, using the high-pressure pump to fine and atomize the water, and then the air fan will are used to spray the water mist to a longer distance and covering a larger area, thus the water mist and dust will fall after condensation, so as to achieve the purpose of dust reduction.


1. Long spray distance, wide coverage, high work efficiency, accurate spray.

2. The sprayed mist is small and fine, and when in contact with the dust, it forms a moist mist, which can quickly suppress the dust.

3. The supporting power is flexible, both 3P, 380V electric power and diesel generator set are available.

4. It can be installed on a concrete pouring platform, or it can be installed on a transport vehicle with a diesel generator set.

5. Flexible operation, remote control or manual control, horizontal rotation and spray angle can be adjusted at will, safe and reliable.

6. Compared with other dust suppression spraying equipment (spray guns, sprinklers), the water consumption can be saved by 70% -80%, and the water mist coverage area is much larger than other dust suppression spraying equipment.

7. the spraying is 15-20m, and it can be made according to the requirements of customers.

Data Sheet

Spraying Distance 15-20m
Fan Motor Power 3kW
Rotation Angle 180°
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