Expand Production for Order Season

2021-03-06 19:42:59
After the Chinese New Year, our company has a steady stream of orders. You can see 20 trucks lined up every day to be loaded and shipped. The most popular products are rebar machinery such as rebar cutting machines and rebar bending machines. At the same time, road machinery has also achieved order growth. Among them, road trowels, vibrating screed, road cutters are in huge demand.

In order to ensure daily supply and quality, our company requires workers to implement shift production and full quality supervision. In the face of the rapid price increase of raw materials, our company has made the biggest concession to customers and insisted on not increasing prices for customers with better payment terms.

Despite being very busy, the company’s leaders did not mess around. After discussion, the company decided to build a new workshop to expand production to ensure production capacity. We believe that our efforts will satisfy customers and lay a solid foundation for long-term cooperation. Welcome to visit Lingwei Machinery for cooperation.

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