GF26 Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine

Model: GF26
Bending Diameter: 6-25mm
Machine Weight: 145kg
Machine Size/mm (Length*Width*Height): 850*550*900
Rated Voltage: 380V/Customized
Motor Power: 3kw


GF26 Rebar Stirrup Bending Machine from Lingwei factory is a very popular steel bar bending machine for construction machinery, it’s used to bend rebar, iron rod, steel wires into needed shape of stirrups and column rings, and the stirrups are used for fasten the mains rebar structures. The machine is used nearly in all construction projects.



1. The machine is designed with numerical control (CNC), it assures the bending process and stirrups bending specifications very precision.

2. The machine main frames is assembled with high quality angle steel, and the platform is thick steel plate, it’s strong and stable when operating.

3. The stirrup bender motor is applied with 100% pure copper wire, it shows high power, stable operation and long using life.

4. The work panel is easy to operate and manual adjustment, working with simple operation, it highly saves man power, increase efficiency.

5. The machine has for big casting wheels, makes it moves easily and durable.



1. Check the mechanical performance, make sure the workbench and the bending machine table are kept level; and prepare mandrel tool blocks.

2. According to the diameter of the processed steel bar and the requirements of the hoop bending machine, install the mandrel, the forming shaft, the stop shaft or the variable stop. The diameter of the mandrel should be 2.5 times the diameter of the steel bar.

3. Check the mandrel, the stopper, and the turntable should be free from damage and cracks, and the protective cover should be fastened and reliable, and operation can only be performed after no load running.

4. During operation, insert one end of the steel bar that needs to be bent into the gap provided by the turntable, and the other end is tightly fixed against the machine body and pressed by hand to check that the machine body is fixed. It can be moved only when it is installed on the side blocking the steel bars.

5. It is strictly forbidden to replace the mandrel, change the angle, and adjust the speed during the operation, and do not add oil or remove it.

6. When bending steel bars, it is strictly forbidden to process steel bars that exceed the diameter, number of bars and mechanical speed specified by the machine.

7. When bending high-hardness or low-alloy steel bars, the maximum restricted diameter should be changed according to the mechanical nameplate, and the corresponding mandrel should be exchanged.

8. It is strictly forbidden for people to stand on the side of the fuselage that is not fixed within the working radius of the bent steel bars. The bent semi-finished products should be stacked neatly, and the hooks should not face upwards.

9. When the turntable changes direction, it must be done after stopping.

10. After the work is completed, clean up the site, maintain machinery, and lock the box.

Data Sheet

Model GF26
Machine Weight 145kg
Machine Size / mm (Length*Width*Height) 850*550*900
Rated Voltage 380V/Customized
Motor Power 3kw
Bending Diameter 6-25mm
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