GT4-10 Steel Bar Straightening and Cutting Machine

Model: GT4-10
Straightening Diameter: 4-10mm
Motor: 7.5Kw
Voltages: 220V,380V,415V or as Your Request
Straightening Speed: 35-40m/min
All above can be customised.


GT4-10 Steel bar straightening and cutting machine is a kind of steel bar processing equipment, which is mainly used for straightening and cutting all kinds of steel bar materials, such as ordinary carbon steel, hot-rolled round steel, rebar, cold-rolled steel bar and so on. Straightening and cutting machine can be widely used in bridge, pile foundation, building construction, standardized construction, steel bar processing factory and other indutries.


1. Easy to disassemble, easy to move and install, equipped with numerical control device, it can be positioned according to different requirements, quantity and length of customers.

2. Straightening speed, cut off without error, no noise,suitable for various construction and steel processing.

3. The cut-off rebars can be aligned automatically, saving time and effort. With the advanced storage settings and buffered pick-up mechanisms, no need to stop the machine when packing.

4. The main machine adopts servo motor cutting technology, synchronous belt transmission, accurate positioning without noise.

5. Controlled by SIEMENS CNC system, it is used for straightening ,cutting and storing the rebar (round smooth wire and ribbed rebar) automatically.


1. The steel bar straightener shall be taken care of by a dedicated certified person.

2. The operator is not allowed to leave the machine too far during the operation, and the machine must be shut down during feeding, threading, and head cutting.

3. In the process of straightening the steel bars, press the limit switch in time to stop cutting the steel bar when the steel bar jumps out of the tray guide groove, does not reach the fixed-length mechanism, or the messy wire or the steel bar falls off, and adjust the machine before restarting.

4. When adjusting each rebar to the end or straightening short rebars, users shall hold the casing to escort the rebars to the guide and straightening barrel to avoid accidents when they swing freely.

5. Before the straightening mold is fixed and the protective cover is not covered, the steel bars are not allowed to penetrate to prevent the straightening mold from flying out and hurting people after the machine is started.

6. During the operation of the machine, do not adjust the roller, do not operate with gloves, and do not do maintenance during the operation of the machine.

7. The straightened and cut steel bars should be stacked in small bundles according to the specifications and the numbers. They are not allowed to pile up in a random manner to prevent quality accidents caused by different steel components and properties. After the operation is completed, the power must be cut off.

8. Strictly implement the safety instruction to ensure that the machinery is in good working condition.

Data Sheet

Model 4-10A 4-10B
Straightening Diameter Round Rebar:4-10mm Deformed Rebar: 4-8mm Round Rebar:4-10mm Deformed Rebar: 4-10mm
Cutting Lengths Precision ±1mm ±1mm
Straightening and traction Motor 7.5kw 9kw
Voltages 220V/230V/240V/380V/ Customized 220V/230V/240V/380V/ Customized
Straightening Speed 35m/min 35m-40m/min
Net Weight 220kg 260kg
Overall Dimension 1400*560*930 1400*600*930
Bracket Length / /
GT4-14-Steel-Bar-Straightening-Cutting-Machine-1Exhibition pictures(1)
Exhibition pictures(2) Exhibition pictures(3) rebar-straightening-machine-show


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