Hand-Push Electric Tricycle Truck

Traveling Speed: 8km/h
Length: 1250mm
Truck Inner Diameter: 680mm
Truck Height: 440mm


This tricycle truck is a hand pushing or pulling electric engineering tricycle truck which adopts high power 800w motor with Swirl wave and super magnetic. The truck body is made of 2.0 cold steel material. It has a 48V 20A battery, 18 tube controller, and max. traveling speed reaching 8km/h, load capacity 1,000kg.

This product can be used in construction sites, mountains, paddy fields, factories, mines and other places, and the capacity 1-10t or customized according to customer requirements.


1. Hand to control the direction, automatic driving. With strong climbing ability, it can be operated on uneven roads.

2. Saying goodbye to the manual operation, which greatly improving the efficiency of material transportation on construction sites, saving labor and working time.

3. This electric tricycle truck has a beautiful and smart appearance and a reasonable and compact body structure.

4. Electronic control system: This product adopts control combination parts, which is very user-friendly in operation, convenient, simple and flexible, stable and reliable.

5. Power: Use 48V lithium battery power supply to ensure a long cruising range. And zero emissions, no pollution, good for green environmental protection.

6. Braking system: drum brake, strong braking force. It has perfect and reliable protection function to ensure the safety and reliability.

7. Walking wheels: rubber inflatable front wheels.

Data Sheet

Traveling Speed 8km/h
Length 1,250mm
Truck Inner Diameter 680mm
Truck Height 440mm
Electric Tricycle Truck
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