LINGWEI Ride On Power Trowel

Product name: Driving type trowel machine
Product model: LW-800/LW-1000
Oil box capacity: 10L
Engine oil capacity: 1L/1.4L
all above can be customised.


The driving type trowel machine is the latest model for rough and fine troweling of concrete surfaces. The use of this machine for construction can make the ground surface smoother and leveler, not only can greatly improve the density and wear resistance of the surface, but also improve work efficiency, which can increase the efficiency several times more than walk-behand type trowel.


1. Heavy duty gearbox provides longer life and low maintenance.

2. Steering system features a twin stick multi-directional steering system, providing immediate machine control and precise maneuverability.

3. Fine hand control for able pitch ensure precise blade adjustment.

4. Tilt forward seat reveals a built in hoist hook for transport on or off the work site and allow easy engine access.

5. Adjustable sliding seat for Front-To-Back.

6. Low machine profiles provide a low center of gravity and check the working area easily.

7. Rugged frame is made of harden steel for severest site conditions.

8. Super heavy-duty gearbox and spider assembly stands up for the most grueling job.

9. Side mounted fuel tank and water tank with big volume for long working time.

10. Trowel arm alignment: adjustment screws allow easy job site blade alignment.

11. Light is adjustment for different direction.

12. Tool kit convenient location easy for operator.


1. Before operation, check whether the motor, switch, and cable meet the safety requirements. The neutral line of the cable is connected to the cover of the gear box to prevent power accidents.

2. Turn over the trowel after wiring, make the trowel suspend in the air, turn on the switch, and check whether the relative rotation direction of the trowel is correct.

3. Check whether the trowel blades, safety cover and bolts of each part are loose.

4. In order to ensure the flatness of the ground during the polishing operation, the operators who enter the field should wear flat shoes.

5. After the work, the residual mortar on the machine should be removed in time, and the connecting screws of the trowel and the trowel should be wiped clean, and then coated with butter for protection.

Data Sheet

Product name Driving type trowel machine
Product model LW-800 LW-1000
Configuration power Geeo/Briggs&Stratton Lifan 2V78/Honda GX690
Power 13hp 24hp
Start type Electric start Electric start
Oil box capacity 10L 10L
Engine oil capacity 1L 1.4L
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