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Manual Brick Cutter LW-02

Model: LW-02
Cutting Thickness: 40-240mm
Cutting Width: 0-300mm
Fixed Blade Size: 520*95*14mm
Movable Blade Size: 450*85*14mm
Machine Size: 650*550*750mm
Total Weight: 38kg


Lingwei brand manual brick cutter LW-02 model is designed and manufactured cut aerated concrete blocks, lightweight bricks, foam bricks, the cutting edge is flat and neat, and the cutting speed is fast, it is manual operated, no need electric power supply, there's no dust.


1. Simple operation, just lightly press. No power supply, manual operation, easy to use and high efficiency.
2. Easy to move, equipped with ground wheels, one person can push away, two people can easily lift upstairs.
3. Energy saving and environmental protection, no oil and electricity power required, no dust or smoke during operation.
4. High work efficiency, unmatched by hand saw and electric saw.
5. According to the needs of the constructor, different thickness and width can be cut out.

Data Sheet

Model LW-02
Cutting Thickness 40-240mm
Cutting Width 0-300mm
Fixed Blade Size 520*95*14mm
Movable Blade Size 450*85*14mm
Machine Size 650*550*750mm
Machine Weight 38kg
LZ-02-Manual-Brick-Cutter LZ-02-Manual-Brick-Cutter LW-03-Manual-Brick-Cutter
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