Manual of Road Cutting Machine

2021-03-07 16:49:10
1. Before starting the machine, check the bolts and nuts of each part to make them fastened; check the power supply and wiring to prevent power leakage; check the rotation direction of the saw blade to make it the same direction marked on the protective cover, and the machine can be started after the checking.

2. Before starting work, the water tank shall be filled with water; when working, the water pipe switch shall be turned on in time, and water shall be sprayed to the saw blade for cooling.

3. The cutting depth is adjusted by the hand wheel. Using hand to rotate hand wheel to make the screw nut rotate up and down, so the height of the front wheel changes, and the saw blade rises or falls accordingly.

4. Before cutting, the saw blade shall leave the ground. After the saw blade is running normally, slowly rotate the hand wheel to make the machine head fall. When the saw blade cutter has a predetermined depth, it can move forward. At this time, the guide rod should be put down, so that the guide wheel touches the ground.

5. When cutting, the eyes shall watch the guide wheel to keep the direction of the cutting seam, and push the push handle with both hands to make the guide wheel move along the predetermined cutting line to ensure the cutting straightness.

6. When cutting too deep or encountering hard materials due to excessive speed, the motor is overloaded and the speed is reduced. At this time, stop cutting or slow down the traveling speed to protect the motor, diesel engine, gasoline engine and saw blade from damage.

7. Before the motor stops, the saw blade shall stop the cutting and leave the ground. In the non-working state, the saw blade is strictly prohibited from touching the ground to prevent deformation and damage of the saw blade.

8. When the machine guide wheels and traveling wheels need to cross the cut parts (such as arranged cement prefabricated slabs, stone slabs, etc.), users can lay steel plates or angle steels on the cut parts, and let the front and rear wheels pass through for cutting jobs.   LW-06-Concrete-Road-Cutting-Machine
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