Manual of Road Polishing Machine

2021-01-21 13:13:20
1. Before operation, check whether the motor, switch, and cable meet the safety requirements. The neutral line of the cable is connected to the cover of the gear box to prevent power accidents.

2. Turn over the trowel after wiring, make the trowel suspend in the air, turn on the switch, and check whether the relative rotation direction of the trowel is correct.

3. Check whether the trowel blades, safety cover and bolts of each part are loose.

4. In order to ensure the flatness of the ground during the polishing operation, the operators who enter the field should wear flat shoes.

5. After the work, the residual mortar on the machine should be removed in time, and the connecting screws of the trowel and the trowel should be wiped clean, and then coated with butter for protection.

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