Manual of Tamping Rammer

2021-04-21 19:48:34
1. Vibration impact rammer shall be used for the compaction of bulk materials such as cohesive soil, sand and gravel, and it shall not be operated on concrete roads and other hard floor.

2. After the machine being started, the direction of rotation of the motor shall be checked, and the commutation wire shall be reversed if there is an error.

3. During operation, the rammer shall be properly handled without tilted machine body. In order to reduce the vibration to the human body, the handle should not be held too tight, and the forward speed of the rammer shall be controlled.

4. During working, do not press down the handle forcefully, which will affect the jumping height of the rammer. When working on loose packing or going uphill, the handle can be slightly pressed down, and the forward speed of the rammer should be increased.

5 Where the compactness needs to be increased, the tamping rammer machine can be controlled by the handle to repeatedly tamping in that place. In addition, according to the operation requirements, the internal combustion impact rammer should be adjusted by adjusting the throttle to change the vibration frequency of the rammer.

6. Electric rammers should be equipped with power leakage protection devices, and operators must wear insulated gloves and insulated shoes. During operation, the wire cable should not be pulled too tightly, and the wire end installation should be checked frequently to avoid looseness and power leakage. Work in the rain is strictly prohibited.

7. During the operation, if there is abnormal noise from the rammer, the machine should be shut down immediately for inspection. If you need to transfer in a short distance, you should first lift the handle of the rammer slightly upwards, put the transport wheel into the hook of the rammer, and then press down the handle to tilt the center of gravity backwards before pushing the handle to transfer the rammer.

8. After working, the silt and attachments on the ramming plate should be removed, the ramming machine should be kept clean, and it shall be kept properly.

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