Road Cutting Machine Shipping to New Zealand

2021-01-22 13:32:21
Recently, a customer from New Zealand purchased 1 set road cutting machine from Lingwei Machinery. Because of the Chinese Spring Festival and the shipping line is about to close, our company give it priority of this order and arrange the production promptly. At the same time we also guarantee the quality of the equipment, thus told our employees take much care during production. 2 days later, we finished this concrete cutting machine and did running test at our factory to ensure the high quality. Finally this machine is shipping to New Zealand now.

Model: MQ-500J Power: 11.5-15hp
Cutting Depth: 200mm
Fuel Tank: 10l
Fuel: gasoline
Weight: 60kg

Concrete Road Cutting Machine, also named concrete road cutting slit machine, it is equipped with a very powerful water cooled diesel/gas engine, the output power can be 15HP-25HP, and also designed with 600mm cutting blade, so the cutting depth can be 100-200mm adjustable to meet different customers require.

We are looking for cooperation in New Zealand and welcome to contact us for details. LW-01-Concrete-Road-Cutting-Machine concrete-road-cutter-shipping-new-zealand concrete-road-cutter-to-new-zealand
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