Steel Pipe Straightening Machine

Product: Steel Pipe Straightening Machine
Steel Pipe Diameter: 45~51mm
Power: 380V or customized
Speed: 12m/min


The steel pipe straightening machine is an automatic straightening machine for building steel pipe scaffolds. It is mainly used for straightening and repairing scaffold steel pipes and other pipes that are bent and deformed during construction. Due to long-time exposure to the sun and rain, rust and corrosion appear on the steel pipe, thinning the steel pipe and making it easy bending during construction. This steel pipe straightening machine has the functions of straightening, rust removal and painting of steel pipes.


1. Handle type operating handle, quickly adjust the pressure.
2. No need for dials, remove cumbersome and perishable screw pressure regulator.
3. The emergency braking device can cut off the machine power instantly to protect the safety of personnel and machines.
4. Straightening, rust removal and painting are completed at one time, which is several times the working efficiency of the hydraulic split machine.
5. Tiger mouth design with left and right wheels on both sides of the entrance to improve the safety of the whole machine.
6. Quickly adjust the detachable rust removal system. This system is added to the steel pipe rust removal link, which can quickly adjust the strength of the wire brush to meet the needs of various rust removal strengths. The wire brush can be quickly disassembled and replaced to improve work efficiency.
7. Integrated ash discharge system does not need to collect ash and clean up waste residue.
8. Complete straightening of two 6-meter steel pipes in one minute (the machine speed can be changed according to the actual situation).
9. Sixteen sets of steel wire brush rows and four sets of brush filter brush rows remove ash and rust in a 360-degree manner.


1. The steel bar straightener shall be taken care of by a dedicated certified person.

2. The operator is not allowed to leave the machine too far during the operation, and the machine must be shut down during feeding, threading, and head cutting.

3. In the process of straightening the steel bars, press the limit switch in time to stop cutting the steel bar when the steel bar jumps out of the tray guide groove, does not reach the fixed-length mechanism, or the messy wire or the steel bar falls off, and adjust the machine before restarting.

4. When adjusting each rebar to the end or straightening short rebars, users shall hold the casing to escort the rebars to the guide and straightening barrel to avoid accidents when they swing freely.

5. Before the straightening mold is fixed and the protective cover is not covered, the steel bars are not allowed to penetrate to prevent the straightening mold from flying out and hurting people after the machine is started.

6. During the operation of the machine, do not adjust the roller, do not operate with gloves, and do not do maintenance during the operation of the machine.

7. The straightened and cut steel bars should be stacked in small bundles according to the specifications and the numbers. They are not allowed to pile up in a random manner to prevent quality accidents caused by different steel components and properties. After the operation is completed, the power must be cut off.

8. Strictly implement the safety instruction to ensure that the machinery is in good working condition.

Data Sheet

Straightening Speed 12m/min
Power 380V
Steel Pipe Diameter 45~51mm
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